Transports Sadry

Allez, let's go.

  • Bernard Sadry

    Founder of Transports SADRY. Although retired, he continues his activity for the company by training the new recruits and planning transport operations.

  • Benoit Sadry

    Manager of the company.
    After a doctorate in public law and a period of training in operation at a colleague carrier, he took over the family business in April 2012

  • Jordan Hovis

    Administrative Manager, Business Developer and Logistics Analyst. A young American with an MBA in finance and management, he joined the team in March 2017. In addition to traditional administrative functions, he participates in the technological and sustainable development of the company.

  • Philippe Vignaud

    Workshop mechanic. After working in a multifunctional garage, he arrived in the company in October to ensure the maintenance and monitoring of our vehicles.

Our Nine Transporters

Founded in 1940, Transports Sadry has changed tremendously over the last seven decades. Currently owned by Benoit Sadry, the company is in its third generation within the family and consistantly maintaining its quality showmanship. While improving the technological advancements of the vehicules, Transports Sadry has also managed to reduce its CO2 emissions over the last three years, therefore becoming a well rounded ecological player in the transportation industry.